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Prosthodontics Build Better Smiles

At SDK Dental Care, we’re proud to say that Dr. Yuchen Hu is a prosthodontic specialist. Of course, many of our patients aren’t really familiar with this term, so we thought we’d take a little time to explain why this is such a great thing for Renton smiles.

What Are Prosthodontics?

Hands working on models in dental labIn the dental field, just like in any other medical field, there are many different specialties. This is why you can have a medical doctor who is specifically a cardiologist or a pediatric doctor. Prosthodontics is a specialty that is specifically dedicated to replacing and repairing missing teeth.

While all general dentists have some training in this regard, prosthodontic specialists such as Dr. Hu have received much more concentrated and extensive clinical training so that they can become experts in this discipline. This means Dr. Hu has spent hundreds of additional hours specifically replacing missing teeth using treatments such as dentures, bridges, and dental implants. Compared to most other dentists, he’ll be able to provide results that are much more natural-looking AND will last longer simply because he has so much more experience doing it.

The Advantages of Seeing a Prosthodontic Specialist

Because Dr. Hu has spent so much time honing his skills when it comes to replacing missing teeth, he’ll be able to offer you many more options when you come to see him. Some local dentists only have one or two ways they can help you replace missing teeth, and one of them probably involves referring you to a specialists just like Dr. Hu.

At SDK Dental, you’ll have a multitude of tooth replacement options that Dr. Hu has personally used hundreds, if not thousands of times. Since he’ll be handling everything himself, he’ll be able to guarantee you a much better result AND take less time. When you come to see him, you can rest assured that he’ll be able to give your smile everything it needs to truly shine.

Any Questions?

We hope this helped you better understand what a prosthodontic specialist is and how great it is to have one right in Renton. When it comes to rebuilding your smile, SDK Dental Care is simply the best place to go.

 If you have any questions or would like to talk about replacing your missing teeth, please contact our office for an appointment.